Carrot packing app with A.I. Quality control for import/export, carrot washing, sorting, carrot bagging: inventory, carrot quality control, carrot recalls & audits, carrot sales & shipping solution...


Carrot packing app with A.I. Quality control for import/export, carrot washing, sorting, carrot bagging: inventory, carrot quality control, carrot recalls & audits, carrot sales & shipping solution...

AI powered quality inspection

Optionally use FarmsoftQC AI powered quality inspection:  take a photo of the fruit and let FarmsoftQC fill out the inspection for you.  Fast, consistent, accurate AI powered Quality Control.

Stock-take quality control

Perform quality control stock-takes any time by category or storage location.  Know how much  inventory and its quality in real time.  


Quality control for farm tasks, farm equipment (tractors, spray rig etc), in field fresh produce QC tests. (Requires Farmsoft Farm Management app)

Quality inspection during shipping

Perform optional quality control tests on fresh produce prior to shipping, or during the container loading phase.  

Traceability & recalls

Mock recalls up and down supply chain.   Reduces fresh produce food safety compliance costs, makes audits easy. Optional fresh produce blockchain by CHAIN-TRACE.COM

Perform quality inspections by scanning labels / RFID

Scan a pallet label, inventory label, or even PO/Invoice/BOL to perform a quality inspection.  Saves time and increases accuracy.  
Quality Control tests can be recalled back to a specific invoice, supplier, batch, etc...

Farmsoft Carrot Packing App: Revolutionizing Carrot Packing Companies with Efficiency and Accuracy

In the realm of carrot packing, precision, efficiency, and quality are paramount. Carrot packing companies face the challenge of meeting customer demands while ensuring every order is shipped accurately, minimizing waste, and maintaining high-quality standards. The Farmsoft Carrot Packing App emerges as a game-changer, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline operations, optimize packing processes, reduce waste, increase traceability, and enhance the overall efficiency of carrot packers. This article explores how the Farmsoft Carrot Packing App addresses these challenges, revolutionizing the carrot packing industry.

1. Maximizing Carrot Accuracy in Every Order:
The Farmsoft Carrot Packing App empowers carrot packing companies to ship every order with maximum accuracy. Through its intuitive user interface, the app allows packers to access real-time order details, including quantity, packaging requirements, and specific customer preferences. By eliminating manual data entry and automating order management, the app minimizes human error and ensures that each carrot order is packed precisely according to customer specifications. This accuracy enhances customer satisfaction and helps build long-term relationships.

2. Perfectly Packed Carrot Orders:
Achieving consistent perfection in packing carrot orders is a significant challenge for packing companies. With the Farmsoft Carrot Packing App, this challenge becomes manageable. Leveraging AI and computer vision technologies, the app employs image recognition algorithms to assess the quality and size of each carrot automatically. By analyzing thousands of images, the app can classify carrots based on their attributes, such as shape, size, and color. This intelligent packing system ensures that only premium quality carrots meeting specific size requirements are selected, resulting in perfectly packed carrot orders.

3. Reducing Carrot Waste:
Waste reduction is a critical aspect of sustainable and profitable carrot packing operations. The Farmsoft Carrot Packing App tackles this issue by employing AI-driven algorithms to optimize packing efficiency and minimize waste. By analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, the app can determine the optimal number of carrots per package to avoid overpacking or under-packing. Additionally, the app provides real-time feedback to packers, guiding them on the appropriate packaging techniques to minimize damage and reduce waste further. As a result, carrot packing companies can significantly reduce their waste output, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.

Two Wyma Mega-Polishers were installed, taking the capacity of the line to 30T/hr. Mr. Gorman admitted that the Mega-Polishers were not the highest investment priority when the large upgrade began last year, but credited Wyma for working with Kalfresh to achieve the end goal quicker than they had planned: “Wyma has that rare ability to understand the growers’ needs and constraints. They are creative, flexible and willing to find a solution throughout the whole sales consultation to delivery process.”

In 2014, the carrot packing shed was taken to yet another level with upgrades to the latest optical grading, storage and washing and polishing technology. Mr. Gorman described the Australian business environment that imposed continuous search for improvements: “We have to remain competitive. Australia has some of the highest labor costs in the world and our retail market sets high expectations in terms of quality and consistency of fresh produce. Innovative, efficient and reliable pack-house equipment is crucial to staying ahead”.

Carrots are an enormously versatile vegetable and extremely popular in the South African market. Sophisticated processing can help both farmers and retailers deliver high quality, accurately weighed and packaged carrots to market.

Goldpack can supply all stages of this processing line, from washers and polishers to graders, hoppers, weighers and final bagging options.

Carrots can be a challenging crop as they are sometimes broken when harvested and come in a wide variety of length and diameter. However, Newtech offers both length graders and the more sophisticated optical grader. Length graders will separate product based on size.

Optical graders will grade according to length and size and add an extra layer of quality control by repeatedly photographing the carrots, rejecting those that do not adhere to the required quality. Currently, graders can process between 10-15 tonnes per hour.

Hopper systems are used to ensure that the weighers are fed continuously. Newtec offers a vast range of weighers, from the small single head 1100 weigher to the 4014 14 head weigher and all sizes in between. These are firm favourites in the carrot industry, processing up to 75 portions a minute on some versions.

4. Increasing Carrot Traceability:
In an era where consumers demand transparency and accountability, traceability is crucial for food products. The Farmsoft Carrot Packing App integrates comprehensive traceability features to ensure the visibility and accountability of each carrot in the packing process. Using barcode or RFID technology, the app tracks the movement of carrots from farm to packing facility, enabling companies to trace the origin of each carrot and monitor its journey throughout the packing process. This traceability feature not only enhances food safety but also helps in identifying and addressing any quality issues promptly.

5. Enhancing Packed Carrot Quality:
Quality is a non-negotiable aspect when it comes to food products, including carrots. The Farmsoft Carrot Packing App utilizes AI algorithms to assess the quality of each carrot, ensuring that only the best quality carrots are packed. By analyzing attributes like color, firmness, and blemishes, the app can detect any inconsistencies or defects that may impact the overall quality of packed carrots. This automated quality control system guarantees that only premium carrots reach the customers, thereby enhancing the reputation and brand value of carrot packing companies.

6. AI-driven Efficiency and Waste Reduction:
The incorporation of AI in the Farmsoft Carrot Packing App significantly boosts the efficiency of carrot packers. Through machine learning algorithms, the app learns from historical data and packing patterns, enabling it to make intelligent suggestions and predictions. By suggesting the most efficient packing methods, optimizing route planning for packers, and identifying bottlenecks.